How Sharing my "Inner Wisdom" helped me out of my funk

The Inner Wisdom Project

I know this amazing woman. Her name is Bernice Williams, If you don’t know her already, you should check out our SHE.rah page, where she has been dubbed our very first SHE.rah.  She is the absolute best!! I am so fortunate to be blessed by her being in my life.

She does so many incredible things, of all which I cannot name, but most recently she has been working on a project called “The Inner Wisdom Project”

She has committed to interviewing 365 women and posting interviews daily for a year. I mean WOW!!!

The wisdom that will be shared from all of these women is overwhelming to think about. SO much love and wisdom in one place, I can’t even.



I volunteer at a community group that is aimed at educating young girls about life skills and allows them to build relationships with other girls from different schools. This week at "Be Amazing", Bernice had come in as our guest speaker to talk about public speaking. The girls went around the room each standing up to speak a bit about themselves and their lives. They each took turns and went around the circle one by one. It finally came to one girl who was obviously very uncomfortable about being in the spotlight.  The director encouraged her to face her fear and assured her she was in a safe space. She continued on saying there was nothing to worry about standing up in front of 25 girls to speak about herself. After much prodding with no indication she might change in her mind and get up to speak, Sabella suggested that they all stand up together, so that she wouldn’t feel so awkward about being the only one standing up.

Now that is what I’m talking about.  That is what support is about.  This is coming from an 11 year old girl.  Let’s all take a page from Sabella’s book and commit to doing something nice for someone this week. Let’s look for signs that someone is in distress and find a way to help them, even if it’s something little.  Little things tend to make a big difference.

When Bernice asked for volunteers to be part of The Inner Wisdom Project, Sabella was the first one to volunteer.  




SHE. has Inner Wisdom

I have to admit the long days of winter, or should I say long nights, do not go unnoticed in my life.  I have suffered for many years from seasonal depression.  Although I am getting better at prioritizing known preventative measures and noticing warning signs earlier, I still occasionally feel the effects of S.A.D.

As the days of March dragged on and on, I could feel an equal low to the high I had just experienced, looming. I had been so focused on getting SHE. off the ground, I didn't notice the beginnings of the negative mutterings happening inside my head. With the launch of SHE. behind me, I could feel the darkness was just around the corner. 

I had promised Bernice I would do my interview and in-spite of not "feeling" like I wanted to, I couldn't possibly set a bad example for Sabella. I honoured my commitment and did it anyway. I have to tell you the power in sharing your message and sharing your knowledge, is unparalleled. I felt so rejuvenated after recording my story, It was undeniable the energy I was getting directly from that experience.

I encourage any and every woman who feels they have something to share with the world to reach out and connect with her.  I even encourage those who don’t think they have anything to say to reach out, because you never know what wisdom you have hiding in there. Bernice makes you feel comfortable and confident. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I believe you can do it!! If I can do it, so can you.

In the mean time I am happy to share my video with you from “The Inner Wisdom Project” I hope you enjoy it. If you think it worth sharing I would appreciate that sooooo much :) And Please check out any number of the incredible Inner Wisdom videos  Have a great week.