Shouldn't every day be Mother's Day? An Ode to my Mamma



Dear Mum,

When I was a little girl, it was very common for me to hear people say in a joking way “Oh you are just like you mother”. All joking aside, it wasn’t for many years that I realized, how lucky I am, for that to be true. If I could be so fortunate to be half the woman you are, my life would be incredibly blessed.  

When I look at you I see beauty, confidence, and grace. When I hear you, I hear a strong decisive woman who stands by her values. I hear your voice telling me I can do anything I put my mind to. When I think of you, I remember all the times you encouraged me to do the right thing. When I feel your arms embrace me in a hug, I know this gift has been passed down for many generations. And when you make things just for me, I know they are made with love.


Some of my friends have lost their mothers far too young. It is a gentle reminder, not to take you for granted. And I hope I rarely do. I am grateful I still have you here, to tell you how much I love you and I appreciate you each and every day.  And I am grateful I am able to share you with them. 



I now understand the love you have for me, like I never have before. When I look at my own children, I long for the best things in life, for all their desires to be realized and all their dreams to come true. I pray for their lives to be blessed like mine and if their roads are not easy, to know they are not alone. It has become fully apparent to me now, just how much strain I put on your life when I was younger. I feel it is only fair to apologize.

I am so sorry for all the sleepless nights, all the lonely heartaches and the confusion as to why I was making such careless and dangerous decisions. I am sorry for the struggles I put you through. I am sorry for my inconsiderate ways. I am sorry I didn’t see the impact of my choices on your life.

When you look at me, even now, and tell me I am a miracle, I believe you.




Thank you for your unconditional love, Thank you for your hard met lessons, Thank you for your unending support and belief in what I want to do and Thank you for being you, The best mother to me I could have ever asked for.



Happy Mother's Day

I just want you to know, that every day is Mother's Day for me. 


Love Always,