Who is SHE.?

Who is SHE.? (SHE. has equality)

SHE. Is you, SHE. Is me, SHE. Is all of us. 

SHE. stands for, She Has Equality.

SHE. is the idea that some day we will all be living in a world where equality is the standard.  Where SHE. can realize her potential and answer her calling, no matter what that is. Where SHE. has the choice to live unconventionally without fear or consequence. Where ALL people can thrive together.

SHE. is the dream that women can own their power, feel awesome and do what they love, sharing that love with the world. SHE. is the hope that we can live without shame, guilt or judgement. SHE. is the strength we have in all of us, to stand up for change and make a difference.



Deep down we all understand things are not going to change, unless we fight for it. All around the world people are coming together to stand up for what is right on so many platforms, gender, politics, environment, racism, child labor, education and so many more. 

We can all do our part, by believing in something bigger. Believing, we have the power to make a difference. Believing, that all people deserve equality. Believing, the time to start is now.

At. SHEwe believe that by projecting SHE. has equality into the world, through fashion and design, that message of hope is what we will secure for our future. We will bring the future into our present.

WHY Fashion?

Fashion and design are my passions. I love being creative and expressing myself in a way others can see and relate to. I love playing pretty party and wearing clothing that makes me feel like the SHE.rah I am.

Designing my own line of clothing is something I have dreamt about since I was a very little girl.  I have constantly battled the voices in my head, telling me I am not enough and thinking my dreams aren’t possible. I am choosing to overcome those negative thoughts and I am pushing forward in spite of them. Move over Itty Bitty Shitty Committee.

Privilege Bias??

“Fine” you say “from your place of privilege, to think all little girls deserve to live their dreams.”  But isn’t that the point?? To use our power and position to help others that are less fortunate. 

I would like to use my influence to be bold and raise awareness. To help as many people as possible and continue a movement towards something better. Not one person has the right to judge another, we can only encourage each other to do more of the right things to effect change.


Originally our logo was a straight  which obviously stood for equality. Angela and I kept looking at it again and again feeling something was just not right. Finally we could see that, it is not about one being on top of another, it is about all of us rising up together.  

Anyone able to sit and read this on a computer is in a place of privilege, no matter, your gender, race, religion, or geographical position.  We have the power and opportunity to make a difference. It is time we stand and rise up together. 

We can influence others around us to participate, demand better for those that are less fortunate, and share love, as love is the answer.

Our Values Run Strong

We believe.....

****We believe women deserve equality not only in the workforce, in the home and in society, but in all areas of life.****

****We believe that by projecting SHE.  has equality, it will empower our goals to obtain equality for all future generations. ****

****We believe that women have the ability to accomplish whatever they desire. ****

****We believe that it is possible to make a lasting change by standing up for what is right. ****

****We believe that it is your right to decide what equality means for you. ****

****We believe in love, support and non-judgement.****

 ****We believe the time to start is now.  ****

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