What is SHE. all about?


What is SHE. All about?

We are two small town girls, living in a place most people have never heard of, dreaming of joining the world in equality.  We have come a long long way together, through the bad times and the good. 

We dream of educating as many people as possible about the benefits of equality and how it can change our world for the better. We dream of connecting people in an inclusive community focused on working towards equality.  We believe in supporting women lead entrepreneurship, at home and around the world.

We dream of solving common issues with current fashion to make clothing more functional and fun. We dream of designing a line of clothing that makes all women feel amazing.  We dream of travelling the world. We dream of branding a globally recognized label that is committed to facilitating change.


In the beginning...

We will start by launching a “SHE.-shirt” campaign with several “SHE.-isms” to project what we want for our future in the world. Our hope is that this will raise awareness and bring women together in our journey towards equality. We want to encourage women to support one another.

We are partnering with a factory in Bali, Indonesia to produce our innovative products. We are supporting women entrepreneurs in emerging markets and encouraging fair trade practices.  These incredible groups of women are working towards equality in their own part of the world. We believe that by supporting these women, we facilitate growth and promote education.

We believe in being eco-aware, so we are trying to lower our impact on the environment by making consciously produced garments. We believe that by making our SHE.-shirts from high quality fabrics, they will last longer, reducing the need to purchase more and replace used items. We will continue to work towards a minimal waste production line, and remain eco-aware, to the best of our ability.

We are committed to re-investing a portion of our profits back into charities that are supporting local, national and international efforts towards equality for women.

We will move towards designing, and creating our own line of clothing by the end of this year.

SHE. is about...

SHE. is about being true to yourself.

SHE. is about being creative.

SHE. is about education.

SHE. is about connecting women. 

SHE. is about sharing information.

SHE. is about supporting one another.

SHE. is about inspiring action.

SHE. is about believing in yourself.

SHE. is about motivating others.

SHE. is about attracting what you want.

SHE. is about seeing a hopeful future.

Join the SHE. movement by adding your email to the list and inspire others by donating to your favourite charity. Check the Charities page for some really great options.