The many colloquialisms of SHE. has equality

From Launch and Beyond

Its been an amazing journey so far!!! We made it to launch and didn’t spontaneously combust, so that is a good thing!!! Although it did feel as though my head was going to explode a time or two, that’s normal, right?



SHE. has equality has been a long time coming. Just like every good dream, I have never given up on believing that some day I would launch my own clothing label. Here we are!!!  That day has finally arrived and I am soooo proud of all it is already. 


We have been making up words for fun, as you do when you are excited about a new idea. 

Here is the glossary of our Language (just so you know what the heck we are talking about):

SHE.-shirt – a shirt produce by SHE. has equality
Potentially in the style of a T-shirt, but made with nicer fabric, in a more flattering cut, that makes you feel awesome for being a SHE.rah

SHE.rahs - a network of women who feel empowered by SHE. and everything it stands for. Women who want to praise each other, support one another and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

SHE.-ism – a word or phase used to empower women, potentially to be printed on a SHE.-shirt or wall hanging. A phrase that is meant to be looked at, repeated over and over and shouted from the rooftops until we undoubtedly believe it to be true.

Like….. is believing or What SHE. thinks about, SHE. brings about or We are Making SHE.(Shit) happen.

SHEquals - The symbol used to brand SHE. has equality and propel it into being a world wide recognized brand. A slanted red equals, in a flashy red power circle.



DIY - Do It Yourself

You can basically make up any words you want to by adding SHE. in front of them or even just a SH, haha Try it, its fun!

And last but not least, this one is my favourite, is the 3 SHE.s in a pod.  These three little girls are basically the whole reason why SHE. exists in the first place.

The 3 SHE.’s in a pod consist of my daughter, Sabella, Angela’s daughter, Rayah and our chosen daughter, Anabelle.  These girls have been slaying life together since birth, originating as “the get along gang”, they have suddenly morphed into the tweens we know and love today, as “The 3 SHE.’s in a pod”. 



3 SHE.'s to the rescue

Not that long ago, they came home from the park convinced that there was possibly a homeless person living there with his dog. Unable to bear the thought of someone having to sleep out in the cold, they proceeded to gather a care package full of treats, handwarmers, gloves and dog food to leave for him all wrapped up in a nice little package with a note saying “ Hope you enjoy the gifts”. Needless to say, there was no homeless man, giggle, but it was the thought that counts. They were so genuinely concerned and ready to take action.  We could take a lesson from their book.

These girls are active, creative, and determined. These girls are the next generation and the faces of our future. They are sharing their love in the best ways they know how. We need to do our best to make their intentions for love and inclusion possible. 

When the #MeToo movement happened and I fully realized for the first time how far and wide it had affected the women around me, it dawned on me that we really need to make a change for the future world our daughters will live in. They are the reason why SHE. is so important. 

Let's support each other, encourage these young SHE.rahs, and set a good example by demanding something better.


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