About us - Our Beautiful story



From the beginning :)

Our story goes a little something like this, Angela and I, (Tiffany) have been best friends for over 20 years. We come from a small town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada where life is slow and there are way more people on their way out, than on their way in, if you catch my drift. As kids growing up in this sleepy little place, there was not much to do. It was easy for us to be distracted, and make questionable decisions. 



Anj and I met on a dance floor in the ‘90s, dancing all night long in underground clubs to electronic music, joined by the belief that love is the answer. She was my idol, I was her protégé. She was throwing parties and I was skipping school to go to them. We learned a lot from each other, even in those early years and still chase the music together to this day.

Here we are, two daughters and better life choices later, trying to figure out how we can best use our skills, talents and resources, to make an impact on the world around us. We aim to do our part in working towards solving the problem of inequality.

Back it up

My parents ran a successful landscape company for 30 years, showing me the benefits of being an entrepreneur, while setting good examples for efficient business practices. I ran a small children's boutique, K Bella,  while participating in a mothers re-entering the workforce government program about 10 years ago and always knew it would be part of my journey to run another business someday.

I have always found being creative, fashion and travel enticing.  This endeavour  seems to be the logical solution to bring all my passions together, in a fun little package, that I truly believe will help change the world.



Several years after finishing up with K Bella, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase Angela‘s aunt, Victoria’s, company HillTribe, which partnered with a factory in Bali, Indonesia. At that time, with two young children, a husband who worked away, and no clear understanding of how it would ever work, I had to let go of the idea. I couldn’t explain why I was so captivated by the idea of owning my own fashion label, I just knew it was on my heart to do so. I had to have faith in knowing, when the time was right, it would all come together. 

Fast forward six years later and a new opportunity presented itself. In a matter of one week, three things happened that spurred me into action. Angela called me discouraged about some of her workplace interaction. She works in a non-traditional position, as a marine diesel engineer. I saw Serena Williams stand up to the judge at the US Open. I saw a story on the news when I was working at the pub that was bringing to light some extremely inappropriate actions by people in powerful positions, I'm sure you can imagine a few examples as of late.  I realized there has never been a better time than now, to start claiming our power as women. So here Angela and I are, embracing the possibility that we can do whatever we set our minds to, with the hope that others will see the same vision we do. 

Our vision for the future

Our vision is that our daughters will grow up in a world where they do not have to fight for equality, in the home, in the workplace or in society. That they will not have to fight for equal wages. That they will be able to choose whichever profession they desire, without questioning if they will be welcomed. That they will be able to love whomever they choose and live a life where they are accepted, for exactly who they are.

We love our daughters fiercely and with reckless abandon. We will do anything necessary to change the world they live in for the better. We talk to them about the importance of inclusion and equality. We dream with them about what life will be like, when equality is the standard. They know the difference. 



Law of Attraction

Projection, is a key element in making dreams a reality. We believe that by projecting she has equality, we are one step closer to bringing equality into existence for our daughters. The Yin to that Yang is attraction.  And the law of Attraction states, that which you put out, will be what you receive in return. As a part of our core vision, we believe, what SHE. Thinks about SHE. Brings about. The power of Attraction can bring those otherwise unattainable goals into our present tense. SHE. has equality, present tense.

How it all goes down

We are choosing fashion, as a catalyst to bring awareness to this necessary cause. Through our love of fashion, if we can impact the world around us, by bringing awareness to the necessity for equality, we will be one step close to creating the world we dream of, for our daughters to thrive in. 
We believe in the power of quiet activism. By proudly displaying your SHEquals and educating those around you, you are starting necessary conversations, creating a conscious community, and supporting the movement towards equality.
We believe that by empowering women and creating an opportunity for men to be supportive, we are doing our part towards making equality a reality. 




The Long and Short

Our friendship has had its ups and downs, as most do, but we have always come out the other end, stronger than ever. We have found common ground in our ability to accomplish great things together and thrive on making SHE. happen.  We would love for you to join our quest and support the movement in any way you see fit. You can do this by purchasing a SHE.-shirt, donating to a charity that supports equality or simply starting a conversation about the injustices you see in the world around you.


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